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Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry

Broken, discolored or decayed teeth can seriously affect your self-esteem and overall health. If left untreated, these dental problems can escalate into other serious health problems such as nerve damage and complete tooth loss.

Fortunately, there is an answer. With dental implants at Tillery Dental, your smile can be restored to its natural, beautiful state.

Dental implants restore lost chewing ability, improve appearance and provide self-confidence to patients who need them. Dental implants are a reliable, incredibly strong, comfortable and natural-looking solution to consider when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

Who Benefits from Implant Dentistry?

  • Anyone wanting to preserve their teeth while replacing missing teeth
  • Denture wearers who are frustrated with the problems of full and partial dentures
  • Those with bone loss that's causing loss of facial support or disfigurement
  • Those who are about to lose teeth due to decay or fracture
  • Those committed to a high level of dental health
  • Those with significant gum disease
  • Those with replacement bridges they don't like
  • Those considering major dental work
  • Those who want answers and results to the functional and appearance-related problems

Missing or damaged teeth don't have to be a problem. Let Tillery Dental bring your smile back to life! If you are unsure if you're a candidate for implant dentistry, contact us at 601-428-6093 for a consultation today!